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Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Accepted Payment Methods


Note: We are happy to accept the following methods of payment, you may choose any payment method which is more convient to you!


RECOMMENDED ! Paypal accept visa check card, credit card, etc. it will be more convinent for you to do a payment. Before you choose paypal, please contact us for our paypal account # first.


Western Union Teletraph will be much faster and convenient than other payments. The money will arrive in 5-30 minutes. In this way we will finish your order in time even more, will send the parcel to your hands in time. If you via Western Union to pay, please contact us to get our detail information, please E-mail to: sales@maplepaintingface.com , and then email to us that you finished the payment ( You should let us know: Your First Name, Last Name, MTCN, Country Name and the amount that you've paid.)

Also, there is another easy way for you to make a payment. Go to http://www.westernunion.com , you will quickly finish payment by steps.


The money will arrive in 2-7 days, please contact us to get our Bank detailed information. Please E-mail to: sales@maplepaintingface.com

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