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Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

Digital Painting

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Art is from oil painting, while digital painting comes from daily life but exceeds it. If making a digital painting is a kind of fun, appreciating a digital artwork would be an enjoyment. However, how can we appreciate a piece of digital painting?


On one hand, we need to start from two aspects: painting content and art techniques. Any piece of art content is reflected by some visual images. People carry on a mental activity through appreciating these images. This kind of mental action originated from the images in the artwork, which brings the viewer to the artistic realm reflected in the painting to give rise to mental resonance, and further aesthetic effect.


On the other hand, the viewer acknowledges and enriches the painting meaning according to their livelihood experience. From this point, we can see easily that different people have different understandings for a same artwork. So, the painting connotation is closely linked with viewer’s quality. A good art could mould persons' temperament and improve the spiritual realm.


Decoration Note:

Firstly, the digital painting should coordinate with housing décor style. For example, modern oil painting or unstretched oil canvas art matches closely with concise living room; while, portrait oil painting or scenery oil painting goes together with European and classical living room. It’s better to add sculpture on the outside frame, showing its beautiful and imposing looking.


Secondly, the color should work in concert with inside wall and furniture. For deep and stable furniture, the oil artwork should be simple and elegant; for bright and concise housing equipment, it’s suggested to choose warm, fashion or abstract wall hanging art.


Thirdly, and the most important, you should select your favorite, which is why we put the digital photo canvas on the wall for relaxing and joyfullness.

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